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低温研究用 - 显微镜用特殊温控

我们提供显微镜专用的特殊温控台, 具有超高温及超低温两种.

适合物理材料研究 或 生医研究.


显微镜使用高温温控台, 必须配合长工作距离物镜. 同时, 使用耐高温的石英玻片.

低温-温控台, 温控范围可低到摄氏 -196

FDCS196 Freeze Drying System Specifications


  • Temperature range -196°C to 125°C
  • Up to 150°C/min heating
  • Temperature stability <0.1°C
  • 16mm XY sample manipulation
  • Sample area 22mm diameter
  • Vacuum tight sample chamber to 10-3mbar even with XY manipulation.
  • Clamps directly to the microscope substage for stability
  • 100 Ohm platinum resistor sensor
  • Light aperture: 1.3mm diameter
  • Silver heating block for high thermal conductivity
  • Direct injection of the coolant into the silver block
  • Single ultra thin lid window: 0.3mm
  • Objective lens working distance: 4.5mm
  • Condenser lens minimum working distance: 12.5mm
  • Range of condenser extension lenses available
  • Can be used with all microscope techniques
  • Suitable for Confocal, Laser Raman, IR and X-ray
  • Stage body size: 137x92x22mm

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