ASI 染色体比对分析系统
UniTMA 组织蜡块制作器
LCI 显微镜活细胞培养系统
SciMedia 光谱标测系统

上海威涵公司 (Will-Tek Electro-Optical Ltd. ) 在诚信稳健的企业精神下, 以创新与专业的服务, 提供客户最优质与专业的服务.  



此外, 因应长期以来的客户的需求, 我们持续提供客户在显微影像系统的相关软硬件,  包括自制研发生产显微镜全罩式活细胞培养箱.开拓外销市场.


Will-Tek Electro-Optical Ltd. ( Shanghai, China ), a 100% employee owned company,  is the leading scientific instruments company for Cytogenetics and Pathology,  Optical Mapping solution and Tissue Micro-arrayer  in China. Our mission is to be the China's first-choice provider of innovative solutions to our customers' needs for Cytogenetics and Pathology solution. Besides, our product which designed and produced by Will-Tek including cell cultivation climate chamber for all brand of microscope.

Gong Xiao Miao, President

上海市闵行区虹莘路3799弄159号201室    上海电话:+86-21-6406-4668    北京电话:+86-10-8282-7527   mail :
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